When selecting the best candidates for a job, we always take into account several eligibility criteria: education, work experience and qualifications, recommendations from former employers, personal characteristics of the person, motivation for work. Objectively measurable criteria (education, work experience) are easy to evaluate with a candidate's curriculum vitae and interview with him / her. However, it is not always possible to disclose all the good and bad qualities of the candidate during the interview. It is natural that sometimes we have doubts: “Will this person join our collective? How will he work? What is important to him? What is his motivation?”

If you use competence assessment tools, you will get more detailed information about the person, that is being assessed (personal qualities, thinking abilities, professional interests).


✓ Helps to standardize selection criteria;
✓ Reduces the risk of unsuccessful recruitment;
✓ Helps identify employees with the highest potential;
✓ Reduces staff turnover;
✓ Reduces the risk of a candidate's non-compliance with an organization's culture;
✓ Allows recruitment managers to speak in common language;
✓ Provides guidance on how to develop a newly hired employee;
✓ Develops leadership skills and talent recognition skills for hiring managers.


Profile XT System - complex human personality and competence assessment system developed by US company Profiles International and adapted for Lithuania (comprehensive research was carried out together with Vilnius University scientists - psychologists). This methodology does not assess the employee's education or experience, but measures the personal (natural) human attributes of work:
➢ Skills (learning potential, verbal skills and verbal thinking, numeracy and numerical thinking);
➢ Personal qualities (energy, influence, friendliness, positivity, etc.);
➢ Professional interests (work with people, entrepreneurship, analytical activities, etc.).

Profiles XT is the only method for assessment and comparing the compatibility of a person's personal qualities and professional and social competencies with the work done or duties performed. The reports provide detailed information on the competencies and qualities of the employee being assessed (tested), their relevance to the specific job(s), recommendations for effective employee education and self-education, teamwork improvement, employee motivation and career planning. “PERSONALO VALDYMO INOVACIJOS”


✓ After analyzing the needs of your company, an individual Performance model (profile) of each job that meets your requirements is prepared.
✓ Individual Performance models are additionally matched with successfully used and real-time Performance models, and final, matched Performance models are used to assess the suitability of the candidates you have chosen.
✓ The information (reports) obtained during testing is successfully used for further work with the selected employee (for adaptation in the company, for education, motivation and career planning purposes) is a long-term payback investment.
✓ In addition to the reports, you get guidance on what information should be checked during the final interviews - "Handbook on Recruitment Interviews".
✓ Responsible persons are instructed to how to use the information in the test reports, so you can successfully apply this information in the future without the assistance of consultants.
✓ Once the candidate has been tested, the assessment data remains and can be used for career planning at any time.
✓ The probability of choosing the wrong person is significantly reduced by testing the selected candidates.
✓ The immediate selection of a suitable candidate for a job reduces the number of employees in the company.
✓Only effective employees work in your company.

All assessment data remains in the Assessment Center and can be used later if necessary. Assessments can be given in both Lithuanian and English.

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