Recruitment is our daily work and the main goal. In this area we have accumulated the most experience, expertise, and we always select the best specialists for our clients. During nine years we‘ve fulfilled thousands of our customers' orders – recruitment projects of executives, managers, specialists and professionals, and successfully completed complex projects with very specific requirements for candidates, who were just a few in the Lithuanian labor market.  

The success of the business mostly depends on the emplyees‘ skills and qualification. The most important rule is to have a right people to the right places.

We offer you fast and professional search of the candidates for the open positions in your Company and selection of the best ones for you, using our Company database and all other existing S&S sources and methods.


  • Situation analysis. Requirement specification.
  • Job advertisement.
  • CV Screening. Data base search. Head hunting.
  • Working with candidates. Job interview and assessments.
  • Introduction of the best candidates, selected for the open position in your Company.
  • The successful candidate is offered a job.

We are certain about the highest quality of our services. Each recruitment project receives Service Guarantee for 3 months.


  • You and / or your employees do not retreat from their direct work;
  • You can spend more time on improving the profitability of your business;
  • An experienced professional working in this job and keep a specific selection of staff knowledge, provide valuable guidance and advice to become a stronger basis for a decision on a candidate;
  • You get results - quickly and professionally selected staff.
We aim to be leading a Lithuanian company, helping our customers successfully, develop and expand their bussiness, by using our solutions, innovations and experience.

We are always close to our customer, we listen to his expectations, needs and preferences. A flexible attitude and sincere cooperation allowed us to have a large number of regular customers, that we are proud of.

If you need a proffesional candidates to develope your bussiness, we are ready to find them. Recruitment projects are provided in Lithuanian labour market, but candidates can also work abroad.

For more information, please, contact us by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mobile +37061431211

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