Skilled and proficient team of JSC “Personalo valdymo inovacijos” experienced in such spheres as organizing work and management of enterprises and management of human recourse (HR) is ready to assist in:

  • Recruitment, Search and selection of employees, Executive search;
  • Helping employers in new employees selection – hiring of employee selection consultant;
  • Testing potential selected candidates;
  • Assessing employees‘ competence using ProfileXT, Profile Performance Indicator, Checkpoint 360o;
  • Performing audit of managerial skills and training managerial competence;
  • Planning career of employees and improving performance of teams;
  • Consulting about sales increasing and improving performance of sales-teams;
  • Working as an external HR department of a company and fulfilling all the functions that are usually performed by HR Manager or HR specialist;
  • Consulting of the Head/ General Managers or HR Managers about HR management matters;
  • Auditing current administration documentation and/or personnel documentation of the company;
  • Presenting conclusions and suggestions and eliminating or correcting drawbacks if the company wishes it;
  • Processing the documentation of personnel – fulfilling functions of HR Specialist;
  • Analyzing demand of employees for internal training in company;
  • Organizing internal trainings and public seminars;
  • Organizing and accomplishing a very popular research of „Secret Buyer“;
  • Implementing Client Service Standard (CSS) and training employees to work according to CSS rules;
  • Performing projects of vocational guidance;
  • Consulting job-seekers;
  • Rendering lawyer’s services and juridical consultations for organizations.

Personalo valdymo inovacijos